That Guy from SA

That Guy from SA

At Ben’s Meat & Heat Emporium we specialise in South African products as well as BBQ and chilli sauces, seasonings and rubs. When we discovered That Guy from SA, and tasted his products, we knew we were on a winner! He produces some pretty awesome sauces and seasonings, which all take inspiration from his South African background. Perfect for our customers!


That Guy from SA’s story

That Guy from SA is the brainchild of Tom, who migrated from South Africa a few years back. He was a big sauce and seasoning lover & collector and in 2019, while messing around with a marinade, decided he was going to make his own products.

He started with a Piri Piri sauce, which he experimented with until he found the perfect blend of spices and a unique flavour. He then spent weeks eating it with EVERYTHING and making batch after batch until he got it spot on every time! He has now expanded the range which all takes inspiration from his South African background.


The Sauces 

Tom produces some pretty delicious sauces, which are all stocked at the Emporium. Find your perfect sauce based on the descriptions below.

Blerrie Hot Piri Piri Sauce

This was his first sauce, originally milder but is now BLERRIE HOT. This sauce has great flavour with a Scotch Bonnet & Bird's Eye kick. Perfect with chicken, a side for your chips or on a roll.

Monkey Gland BBQ Sauce

This is a beautiful tangy BBQ sauce with a little spin on it. This one is super popular with South Africans! For the non South Africans, no monkey glands were used in the making of this sauce 😂

Hot Scotch Chilli Sauce

This is the hottest sauce in the range, enough to blow your head off, but still, plenty of beautiful flavour to enjoy with all your favourite dishes!

Gorilla Gland Spicy BBQ Sauce

This is a delicious Monkey Gland sauce, but proper spiced UP! This one goes perfectly with steaks and burgers.

Smoky Chipotle BBQ Sauce

This sauce is the perfect marriage between sweet BBQ and a Smokey chipotle kick. The Best BBQ sauce. Use it on EVERYTHING!


The Seasonings

Tom also produces some seriously good seasonings. Check out their descriptions below.

Lemon Piri Piri Seasoning

The Lemon & Spice combo makes the perfect blend of seasonings for any situation. It has a nice warm Birds Eye Chilli kick, just the way a perfect Piri Piri seasoning should be!

Choppie Spice

This is Tom’s original Braai seasoning. A beautiful blend of spices giving you the ultimate go-to spice for ALL MEAT varieties!


Try it for yourself!

Over the next few weeks, to help you get to know the range from That Guy From SA, I’ll be having some tastings of his sauces and seasonings in the shop. Come along and give them a try!

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