Ben's story

Ben's Biltong was born out of the need to keep my South African wife in good supply of her favourite high protein snack. As more family moved over from South Africa and friends becoming hooked, biltong production was quickly becoming  a full time job - so a full time job it became. Family, friends and an array of loyal customers are now enjoying my meaty goodness, and (hopefully) so will you!

I use the finest British, European and African meat, gently spiced by hand and slow dried for quality and flavour. I only accept the finest silverside cuts.

Based in the Warwickshire countryside, my small facility is ideally situated to distribute Biltong around the country. Over 25 years in the food industry I have developed a keen eye for detail and can ensure that Ben’s Biltong will reach you in the finest condition.


I first developed my flair for food preparation during my degree in hotel and restaurant management. Since those halcyon days, I’ve amassed 25 years in the catering industry in which I’ve owned restaurants and outside catering businesses. However, I found my true calling in 2012, when I caught the Biltong bug. My many visits to South Africa have allowed me to sample the Biltong from around the country- the traditional flavourings and process are reflected in the Biltong I produce.