Biltong is a natural dry cured product. Correct storage plays a big role in how long your biltong will last. It is important to ensure that you store it correctly before and after you open the pack to ensure you get to enjoy every delicious morsel.

My biltong is made and stored in a hygienically controlled environment. We send out your biltong in plastic packs that are sealed with the appropriate protective atmosphere. You should therefore, keep your biltong in its unopened pack until you are ready to enjoy it or before the expiry date.

Once you open your biltong pack it needs to be eaten within 3 days, provided it is stored correctly. You should store your remaining biltong in a paper bag in a cool, dark place such as a cupboard; or in an open bowl that you regularly turn and mix up.

How long your opened biltong lasts is also affected by the environment. South Africa is dry with low humidity, great for storing biltong. The UK however is wetter and more humid, so the atmosphere contains more moisture, a good friend of mould. We therefore advise you to store your biltong somewhere that has low humidity.

Do not store your Biltong in a sealed container. This will cause the biltong to sweat, which ultimately will lead to mould. The fridge is also not the place for your biltong.

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