Napton Water Buffalo Biltong

Napton Water Buffalo Biltong

At Ben’s I love using different meats to make biltong. One of my favourites is water buffalo, which I source from a local farm in Warwickshire. Their buffalo meat is fantastic and makes excellent biltong.

Napton Water Buffalo are really passionate about what they do. They started life as a standard freshian dairy farm, a few generations back, but in 1999 decided to diversify into water buffalo. In 2007 they sold their remaining freshians to concentrate solely on water buffalo. They now have 240 acres of land in and around Chapel Green, Napton and have 140 milking buffalo and 100 young stock.

Napton Water Buffalo not only farm and produce buffalo milk but they also make buffalo milk ice cream (which is delicious) and buffalo meat which I use to turn into biltong.

To give our water buffalo biltong a try, order via the website



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