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Let's Braai

As the weather gets warmer, our thoughts turn to cooking and eating outside. For South Africans that means cooking on a braai (for my English followers, a BBQ). When cooking on a braai the type of wood you use can make a real difference to the flavour of your food, which is why I stock “Let’s Braai” at Ben’s Meat & Heat Emporium, my shop in Leamington.

What’s the difference between a braai and a BBQ?

The main difference between a braai and a BBQ is the fuel source, A braai, traditionally, uses wood as apposed to charcoal or gas. However, for South Africans, a braai is much more than how the food is cooked. It’s all about the social experience. The atmosphere, the eating, the drinking, and the family and friends you share it with.

Why you should use wood!

Wood is the best fuel for cooking outside as it brings out the best flavours in your meat. Different varieties of wood produce different flavours. When you use wood, the air is also full of wonderful aromas that create a great ambience as opposed to charcoal, which let’s be honest, doesn’t smell great. Charcoal also contains harmful chemicals, whereas wood is a natural fuel source that is naturally dried and cut into logs. Let’s Braai wood is also sustainably sourced.


High Quality dry wood also produces lots of heat. This means it burns hotter, making it perfect for grilling food and keeping you warm afterwards on a chilly evening. Wood also typically burns longer than charcoal. Let’s Braai’s hardwood can burn for over an hour, while charcoal burns for about 30 minutes. This helps with grilling larger pieces of meat or cooking larger quantities of food.

Let’s Braai

Let’s Braai is run by South African, Dan, and his wife Eglantine, who have a real passion for BBQ’ing the Southern African way. They offer three different types of Southern African hardwood Kameeldoring, Sekelbos, Rooikrans, which are all available in the Emporium. They all come in 10kg bags. For the months of May & June I’m offering 10% off all Let’s Braai woods. Pop into the shop on Friday or Saturday to pick some up for your next braai or BBQ.

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