The Autumn Internationals are happening this month and we’re loving the action so far. The England V South Africa game was especially tense in our house as I support England while my wife, being South African, of course supports South Africa.

The physical demands on Rugby players during a game are huge. After a game you’ll find many of them snacking on high protein foods to replenish their energy levels and repair muscles. Biltong makes a perfect post game snack because it is naturally very high in protein. It’s also portable and durable so an easy thing to throw into the sports bag.

Bens sponsored Deaf Rugby player and England representative, Steve Hodge, who’s a big fan of our biltong. Steve says ’Bens biltong is packed full of protein – over 50% protein in a portion!! It’s great as part of my healthy training regime and helps keep me at my physical best.’

Even if you’re not a rugby player you can still enjoy the protein benefits of biltong. It’s the perfect snack to enjoy while watching the rugby because it tastes great and beer is its ideal companion!  Make sure you order yours today to enjoy during the rest of the Autumn Internationals.

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