GRIM REAPER Alchemy™ Sweet Chilli Sauce with Cognac

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Unlock the secret with this unusual sweet chilli sauce made with the Peruvian Aji Limo or Lemon Drop as it's also know. Around 100,000 SHU this chilli has a wonderful citrus flavour, but also needs to be tamed, so I used a good quality cider vinegar from Aspall, sugar and the perfect French Cognac to tame the sweetness. That's it, the flavour is all chilli! With its foil golden label to reflect its name, this sauce will look great in your kitchen, and is a sure eye catcher..

This sauce has quickly become a favourite in the Reapers dwelling, Mrs Reaper and the Junior Reapers all having tried this sauce in chicken wraps. The main benefit for this sauce is the wide appeal, young and not so young alike, will enjoy the sweet heat, an ideal gift too for those who are difficult to buy for!

Handmade in Hertfordshire, England.


...long ago, he sold his soul in return for the secrets of Alchemy. All too soon it seemed, the Reaper appeared... 

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SWEET CHILLI SAUCE WITH COGNAC - INGREDIENTS: Sugar, Cyder Vinegar, Lemon Drop Chilli, Cognac.