BOOM SAUCE - Hot Chilli Sauce 100ML

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Boom Sauce has been created in Worthing, West Sussex but has been inspired by a family recipe in Trinidad.

Some years ago my beloved Uncle suggested to me to set up a business back home in the UK making Trini food. Every time we would visit him in Trinidad, over a drink or three of rum the conversation would always end up with his ideas of putting a bit of Trinidad into England.

It was always a pipe dream and did not for one second think it would ever come into fruition. One year he sent over some of his own chilli sauce made from scotch bonnets grown in his garden.  He had simply rinsed out a fizzy pop bottle and put some of his delicious sauce in it.

I still have my Uncle’s very same bottle, which still has some sauce in it and unbelievably has never seen sight of a fridge! With inspiration and encouragement, I started making chilli sauce for myself some years back. I posted a picture on Instagram & Facebook which prompted friends asking to try some. Since then I have been inundated with orders from friends and family. The feedback has been amazing, this finally pushed me to set up my own chilli sauce business and thus Boom Sauce was created.